WHILE I’M ON A ROLL TONIGHT, I’m announcing a rage-fueled contest business relevant to the last few posts in honor of… my rage!

If you’ve ever felt personally victimized by the fashion industry for being fat, please raise your hand!! Okay good, that’s everyone. If you raised your hand, as you all did, you should throw together a Polyvore set of an outfit that you would wear the hell out of but doesn’t come in your size. Clothing can come from anywhere but should be something you could afford to purchase in real life! Then, write a short paragraph about the thing you hate most about clothing for fat people in relation to the fashion industry (ie. walking into stores knowing clothes won’t fit you, shoddy quality, unattractive clothing norms), and e-mail both of those things to me along with a sassy picture of you! (My e-mail is aimeefreakingis@gmail.com!)

Get it to me by Sunday, January 8th at midnight (EST). The person who wrote the paragraph I think is the raddest gets a drawing of them in their dream outfit, and the entire mess of paragraphs gets mass-emailed to fashion blogs, clothing stores, and posted on a Tumblr somewhere.

Sound cool? Signal boost it! The more paragraphs, the more people…. get to commiserate about our collective irritation?? Join the party!!

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I need a place to live.


Is there anyone in the world (in a country I could get a visa/not need a visa) that is looking for a room mate? I’m a good chef! I come with a PS3 and games, a plasma TV, a snake, a kitty, and a lot of books! I’m currently on UK disability benefits but I could definitely get a bar job or a shop job if it wasn’t in this town. I will move basically anywhere. England, mainland Europe, wherever. As long as it wouldn’t be too hard to get a visa.

My boyfriend left me and I can’t really bring myself to ask him back just so I have a house. I can stay at my mum’s but while she is relatively lovely, she does go through these frequent phases of being a really nasty person re: trans/fat/queer stuff and makes me sink into mega depression and whatnot.

So, yes, if you need a quirky queer roommate who’ll make you food and share zir weird books/DVDs with you, then let me know. Or reblog/contact folks you know who need a roomie if not. Thanks folks :)

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I would like to take this opportunity to point out one thing.  This is an example of a male-targeted, vaguely ‘sexist’ commercial campaign that is genuinely funny, and clever enough for women to “get the joke”.  These commercials, despite claiming Old Spice was a product for “men” and not ladies, were met with mutual appreciation from men and women, because it is:

A: Not stupid or flat in its humor or message

B: Not degrading to women

C: Genuinely funny

On top of that, these commercials featured a man that was trying to, above all else, make women happy.  He wasn’t trying to be a man because “ew being girly is dumb lol,” he was trying to be a man because “oh ladies I would love to impress you.”  And even though both of those messages are somewhat traditional ways of viewing and reinforcing gender standards and expectations, that fine line between them makes a world of difference.  Many of these pro-men campaigns are too insulting, or too small-minded, or simply not clever enough to make us “get the joke”.  But this campaign has humor that appeals to both men and women at the same time, by neither degrading nor bashing either of them.  Men can want to be like this man, and woman get to appreciate a man that is like this man. But at the same time, this campaign is too light-hearted and whimsical to hurt anyone’s feelings, so you can easily take it for the hilarious joke it is.

This campaign is not only funny, it’s clever, highly creative, intentionally over the top, and entertaining.  Everything that Dr. Pepper’s agonizing “Why don’t women get the joke about our manly soda?” campaign is not.

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Think about how we treat female politicians. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Armchair-Patriots/173343349350173

Scott Brown, please read this

Remember when female conservatives were called ‘Cameron’s Cuties’ in the British media? Blarg.

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Genocide against Hazara Shia people in Pakistan


I wouldn’t normally link to an article by the Australian, because you know, they are News ltd, but this is well written and important.

Hazaras despair

The article describes racially targeted mass murder, and there is a picture of mourners.

Situations like this are why people flee their homeland. Situations like this where their friends and family are being slaughtered. And the fact that my government dares, dares to imprison aslyum seekers in detention centres disgusts me.

How dare they. How dare anyone look at this and not feel compassion and a urge to offer help, in any way they can. Australia is a rich country, a huge country, swimming in privilege. We can house those who come to use. And instead we torture, imprison and deny them, people who need sancturary most of all.

I am ashamed.

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Best of good guy greg

Greg is a good guy.

*gasp* is this a thing?! I approve!

The convinces stripper to go back to school one is a bit icky. A lot of strippers ARE in school, have been in school or, you know, don’t need advice from strangers. 

Also, as backhomeincanada said, the drunk girl one is just “not being a rapist”. Why do men deserve all the cookies just for not being a piece of shit

Yeah, the stripper one and drunk girl one are both ick and problematic. Why couldn’t it be “Goes to strip club, is a polite well paying customer”? That is the sort of thing dancers appreciate— paying well/being upfront about your lack of money and not wasting their time, respecting boundaries, genuinely being friendly, etc. Not being given unsolicited advice from strangers. Nobody likes that.

You don’t get applause, cookies, or kudos for not raping people.

I do like the rest of them though.

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Until Abortion Ends


I’ve been going through this website for a while now. The basic idea is to give up some trivial, bullshit thing (usually junk food) “until abortion ends,” as if your sacrifice of Taco Bell is so meaningful it will touch the heart of a scared college student or single mother of three who can’t even afford to be pregnant again.

Seriously, what the fuck is this bullshit? Who are these self-serving, self-important slacktivists who think their “addiction” to coffee means a fucking thing to anyone but themselves?

Well. We can get angry at the obvious privilege and narcissism of these people with webcams. We can rage at their ignorance, at the idea that they think they are “doing their part” by making minute-long Youtube videos about Pepsi, or…

…we can laugh. Because seriously, guys:

“We love taco bell, but its loss will remind us of the severity of abortion. We believe that some day we will take our children to taco bell in celebration of the illegalization of child-killing in America[…] Goodbye, for now, Taco Bell. But we will meet again.”

“Happily depriving myself of COFFEE until babies are no longer deprived of LIFE!”

“I’ve always, always loved Butterfinger candy bars. In fact, to this day, my parents still send me Butterfinger candy bars for my birthday. But until abortion doctors get their grubby hands off of our unborn children, I won’t lay another finger on a Butterfinger.”

“I’m Leah, the national co-director of Teen Defenders, and I’m addicted to ice-cream, but I’ve decided to give it up until abortion ends.”

“If there’s one thing I can eat without stopping, its sliced bread (not by itself). I could probably eat a whole bag by myself (maybe). With God’s help i commit to abstain from slice bread until abortion ends.”

“I have been chewing, dipping, smoking, puffing on tobacco products since I was young. Although no addiction has formed, I know what sacrifice and prayer can do to bring about good. I will sacrifice my tobacco habit and pray daily for the end of abortion.”

They’re giving up chocolate, Cheerios, Oreos, hot chocolate, beef and pork, M&Ms, alcohol, video games, sour Skittles, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, goldfish, and a lot of Coke. Their selflessness should be an inspiration to all.

I’m not honestly sure what the point of the campaign is. Are they intending to influence others here on earth with their enormous sacrifices of junk food, or is the sacrifice bit supposed to appeal to God? Because, really, I can’t imagine that a god who has not yet “stopped abortion” would be so moved by your decision to refrain from eating french fries. But hey, I’m not religious, so maybe I’m just missing something here.

Brb, laughing myself sick at the ridiculousness.

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